Our Business Concept



We are Protea International Lifting Services Ltd

We serve our clientele using a fleet of mobile cranes, rough terrain, knuckle crane trucks, forklifts, lowloaders, semi-trailers and other plant service vehicles. We are well equipped to handle all moving and rigging work, and have extensive experience in loading and offloading containers, rescue of heavy-duty machinery, steel structural work and the movement and installation of industrial machinery.

Our current maximum lifting capacity is 100 tons and we also have access to machinery with greater lifting capacity through our broad network of fellow moving and rigging service providers.

With a large base of forklifts from 3Ton upto 20 Ton Lifting Capacity we are always readily available and able to get into those hard to reach areas of a warehouse and solve the toughest of moving and rigging challenges.

We have a well trained, certified professional team that is constantly growing and developing to ensure we acquire further skills to optimize our resources.